Competition CEO: New Year 2019 // SUBSCRIPTIONS CLOSED //

The prizes for the 2 winners: 2018 winner of the CEO's membership: a book published by “Coté Gamers” non-member winner: a subscription to the CEO-MAG for the year 2019

A contest … so that all the oricians can take their keyboard and concretize their ideas, even the simplest on the oric. Any functional program proposed (in English or French) will be published and will participate in the challenge. Do not hesitate to come and ask questions about the forum associated with the CEO, the meeting site for francophone amateurs of Oric or on English-speaking forum dedicated to Oric. Oriciens are also present on social networks: Facebook Oric Fans and Facebook Oric Owners where English speakers are rather present.

Our thanks to the team of [|Coté Gamers]] without which this contest would certainly not have taken place.

Rules :

Article 1: The CEO organizes this contest with prizes rewarding 2 programs (whether utilitarian, educational, demo …): a prize for the members of the CEO in 2018, a prize for non-members of the CEO.

Article 2: This contest is open to any software author whatever the Oric brand material on which it is functional. The e-mailing before the 31/12/2018 of the entry form, the software and its source code (with bonuses such as drawings, screenshots) constitutes the application form

Article 3: The authors will receive an email of receipt of their participation. The list of registered software will be visible on the CEO's website:

Article 4: The jury will validate the participation in the competition and the publication in the CEO-MAG. Excluding software already released before the date of 31/10/2018, and software violating visibly French legislation.

Article 5: On a basic 48ko Oric configuration with a floppy disk drive or cassette player (no other extension such as joystick, voice synthesizer …), the jury composed of the members of the CEO will determine the best software in the category games, utilities, educational, demo … It will then determine the two big winners who will each receive a prize

Article 6: The results of the competition will be announced at the 2019 Winter Vision of the CEO. Prizes will be awarded no later than one month after the visit.

Article 7: Unless explicitly stated on the entry form, only the nickname will be associated with the distribution of the software and displayed in the magazine. The distribution of the software participating in the contest will be made under the creative license CC-BY-NC 2.0 and the broadcast of the special issue of the CEO-MAG will be in dematerialized form with a creative license commons CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Bulletin de Participation

You will find in the link below the entry form.

To download, complete with adobe reader and return with your software and sources to

English participation form competition CEO 2019


AndreC : Jazz'Oric (02/11)

AndreC : VisuCar (09/12) - Pour Atmos et Microdisc

Dbug : QuantumFX (20/12)

Romuald : HitOric (26/12)

Toto et DrPsy (27/12)

Romuald (28/12)

Laurent (31/12)

Fabrizio (31/12)

Ivan (31/12)